This blog has been around since 2008 and has gone through many "aha" moments. I don't remember my first banner image, but I'm sure it was embarrassing. My writing style is honest with a dash of sass. I talk about real things I'm feeling or observing and, because I'm obsessed with Sharpie pens, you'll find a lot of quick illustrations adorning these pages.

In March of 2012, I left my position as senior art director for an ad agency to start Krystle Rose Studio. My mission is to take on projects that excite and challenge me. If you're looking for someone to resize ads, I'm not your girl. I'm also in the middle of opening a small creative business selling handmade items. Stay tuned.

Besides design, I've been known to paint, sculpt, write, sing (alone in the car), photograph, cook, doodle, mold, hammer and super glue my fingers together.

Because it's so important for creatives to have personal projects, I'm especially proud of two that I've created: My Pattern Project and The Kind List.

Fun facts:
• I have my BFA in Graphic Design from WMU.
• I'm a Michigander. Yes, I say "pop" and not "soda."
• I was proposed to in Ireland (I said yes!)
• I love dogs, but I'm currently the human of 2 cats.
• I have a secret doodle blog.
• I've been a vegetarian since 2010.
• I have a tattoo that no one sees.

Email:  hello@krystlerose.com  |  Twitter:  @krystleroses.